Three interactive workshops are planned. Their scope will be to derive basic, clear points built on the experience of all participants, shared and agreed. Those points would ideally represent a common reference across groups and disciplines, being used in further research actions, harmonizing and enhancing the outcomes of single groups’ work.

 Dialogue between disciplines. Identification of common indicators, system variables and dynamics to be modeled

The lack of interdisciplinarity is seen as a major constraint to fully understand a system. This is simple to state, but interdisciplinarity is not easy to achieve. Most constraints are due to different methods and scales across diciplines -and also to some systems’ inertia to change. Planning and carrying out an interdisciplinary research can be more time and energy consuming (and some of you may have experienced that it is also more difficult to publish) than a single-discipline one.

The questionnaire focuses on the participants’ experience of indices, as well as ecosystem functions and services related to sandy beaches. They can be a common denominator between disciplines and a background to start constructive discussions.

The identification of main indices for a balanced representation of sandy beaches as social-ecological systems will be the target of this workshop.

Education on sandy beaches. What they are, what do they provide, what lives in there, how to learn about beaches

At ISBS held in Ilhabela (Brazil, 2015) we recognised that there is a lack of educational activities and this affects from the very background the perception of ecology of sandy shores.
As there is no doubt that it is critical to pass correct and updated information to citizens and future citizens, we decided to focus on this topic. The workshops aims at identifying and scaling priorities to be addressed, and take into account differences that may emerge across Countries with different suport to basic education.

The questionnaire regards the experience in education outside the academic environment that we hold within our group, to be used as baseline for next steps. Results will be provided.

Oil spills: Gathering experiences from sandy beach researchers to develop a guide

Goal of this workshop will be to aggregate experiences and knowledge on oil spills in sandy beaches. Such workshop should go beyond a narrative of cases, providing instead a practical proposal, based on the experience of beach ecologist who will gather in the occasion of ISBS2018. The final outcome of the workshop is to implement a sort of “Instructions guide” or “roadmap” addressed to respond efficiently in the event of oil disasters.